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Bodegas Muga Flor de Muga Rosé, Rioja, Spain 2021

Bodegas Muga Flor de Muga Rosé.

Alcohol: 13.5% Rosé from Spain, Rioja Year: 2021

Bodegas Muga's Flor de Muga Rosé 2021 is a wine that brings together the joy of fresh red berries like strawberries and cherries. But here's the exciting part – it's not just a simple mix. This rosé has a bunch of flavors hanging out, creating a taste that's interesting and complex. With every sip, you'll explore a delightful puzzle of flavors that play together in harmony. So, if you're ready for a lively and flavorful experience, this rosé is like a fun journey for your taste buds.






James Suckling: 92 Wine Advocate: 93
$58.00 SGD

About the Producer

Bodegas Muga is a family-owned winery. It was founded by Isaac Muga Martínez and his wife Aurora Caño in 1932 in the historic wine-producing region of Rioja, Spain. The Muga family has continued to manage and operate the winery across multiple generations, making it one of the renowned family-owned wineries in the Rioja region. The family's commitment to traditional winemaking practices and their focus on producing high-quality wines have contributed to the winery's reputation and success over the years.


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