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Bodegas Muga Flor de Muga Rosé, Rioja, Spain 2021

Bodegas Muga Flor de Muga Rosé.

Alcohol: 13.5% Rosé from Spain, Rioja Year: 2021

Bodegas Muga's Flor de Muga Rosé 2021 is a wine that brings together the joy of fresh red berries like strawberries and cherries. But here's the exciting part – it's not just a simple mix. This rosé has a bunch of flavors hanging out, creating a taste that's interesting and complex. With every sip, you'll explore a delightful puzzle of flavors that play together in harmony. So, if you're ready for a lively and flavorful experience, this rosé is like a fun journey for your taste buds.






James Suckling: 92 Wine Advocate: 93
$58.00 SGD
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Bodegas Muga is a family-owned winery. It was founded by Isaac Muga Martínez and his wife Aurora Caño in 1932 in the historic wine-producing region of Rioja, Spain. The Muga family has continued to manage and operate the winery across multiple generations, making it one of the renowned family-owned wineries in the Rioja region. The family's commitment to traditional winemaking practices and their focus on producing high-quality wines have contributed to the winery's reputation and success over the years.


The grapes are picked by hand at the peak of ripeness and transported to the cellar in small crates in refrigerated transport so as to preserve intact the full aromatic potential. After a short period of maceration, where contact with the skins is maintained, 50% of the free-run must, the first must to flow from the press by simple gravity, is selected. This then ferments at a low temperature in small oak vats, separately, plot by plot.


Once the fermentation is complete, the wine is left on its fine lees for a minimum of 4 months, with regular stirring, or bâtonnage, to keep the lees in suspension and protect the wine in a natural way by preserving the aromas and providing volume in the mouth-feel. After this process is complete, the wines are sampled, plot by plot, so as to determine the final coupage.



Residual Sugar

3.3 g/L


5.9 g/L

Serving temperature



No decanting needed

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