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Contadi Castaldi Saten, Franciacorta, Lombardy, Italy 2018

Contadi Castaldi Saten.

Alcohol: 12.5% White from Italy, Lombardy Year: 2018

A delightful Franciacorta wine from the stellar 2018 vintage. Crafted using the Metodo Classico(also known as Champagne method), this wine undergoes a longer period of aging on the lees, creating a soft and creamy texture that distinguishes it from other sparkling wines. Savor its delicate notes of white flowers, citrus, and a subtle hint of bread crust, making it a refined and enchanting choice for any wine drinker seeking a luxurious and memorable sparkling experience. 




$77.00 SGD

About the Producer

With roots dating back to 1987, they have honed their craft with passion and expertise, offering a captivating range of wines to delight every palate. Although they hold a rich history, Contadi Castaldi remains dedicated to artisanal winemaking, cherishing their moderate size to focus on quality over quantity. Their vineyards, nestled in the heart of Lombardy, reflect their commitment to sustainable practices, ensuring each grape receives the utmost care and attention.


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