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Who are these sets for?

These sets are perfect for people who always wanted to learn more about wine but don’t want to go to classes and then stress at the exams. We will send you bottles which will be different in styles and simply by tasting you will learn.


Is it more expensive?

No, it’s actually cheaper, buying our sets results in about 15% discount from if you buy wines separately. Additionally, you get a 10% discount for the next 10 purchases(excluding sets).

What will I learn?

With each set, we will provide you educational material, that will help you understand what influenced the final product, you will learn grape varietals, how climate affects the wine and different vinification methods.


Exploratory Sets.

Northern Italy's Trilogy

Ever sipped wines from the same grape that tasted entirely different? This set is designed to showcase how various winemaking techniques influence the final product and introduce you to unique Northern Italian grapes that don't grow elsewhere. We'll start with Valpolicella, a light and breezy choice. Then, we'll elevate to Valpolicella Superiore for deeper layers of taste. And finally, we'll end with the full-bodied richness of Amarone.

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Rhone Valley Adventure

Have you ever explored the Rhône Valley? It's divided into two captivating sub-regions: the Southern Rhône, known for its iconic GSM blend, and the Northern Rhône, where some of the world's best Syrah is produced. Why not dive into their unique flavors? Give them a taste and discover your favorite!

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Tuscany Adventure

Ever heard of a grape unique to Italy's heart? Meet Sangiovese, the star behind Chianti Classico and Brunello Di Montalcino. But not only Sangiovese is growing in Tuscany! 50 years ago a group of rebellious winemakers started a revolution and adapted international grape varietals such as Cabernet Sauvignon and Merlot, they’re known as super tuscans.

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Heavyweight Fight

Craving some full-bodied wines? Why not compare Barolo, Italy's 'crowned king', with a twist on the classic Bordeaux variety, Merlot – but this time from Abruzzo, Italy's treasure trove of great value wines. Ready for a tasting duel to discover your favorite?

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White journey around the globe

How about exploring the versatile world of white wines? We will start with Spain's Albariño, a perfect pairing for oysters. Then we will travel to New Zealand, a gold mine for one of the best Sauvignon Blancs that doesn't break the bank. We will finish with the fragrant Gewürztraminer from the Italian Alps.

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Sparkling Italy

Think the magic of sparkling wines is exclusive to France? Italy's got its own sparkling secrets, and we're not talking about the typical Prosecco from a grocery store. In this set we'll explore two distinct production methods of sparkling wines. First, there's the Traditional method, akin to that of Champagne, where the second fermentation occurs in the bottle. Then, there's the Ancestral method - the oldest technique in sparkling wine production, characterized by a single fermentation process.

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Syrah or Shiraz

While these two wines are made with the same grape, their character is different . All because by definition, wine is not a natural product; it's significantly shaped by the winemaker's craft. Let's delve into the differences in vinification between these two styles and discover how they influence the end product.

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Our Philosophy.

Only Sustainable Farming

Wine is fundamentally an agricultural product, so the farming methods significantly influence the quality of the end product. If producers use chemical fertilizers, pesticides, herbicides, or other chemicals that harm biodiversity in the vineyards, the grapes will not be of high quality and lack uniqueness, much like bland fruits from a grocery store.

Not all producers pursue organic certification, often due to the extensive paperwork required. Being certified means documenting all activities in the vineyards. Therefore, instead of taking the easy route and filtering producers by certification, we conduct thorough research into their viticulture methods. This approach ensures that the wines you receive are produced with a deep respect for nature.


No Generic wines

We steer clear of mass-produced wines, especially those easily found in Singaporean grocery stores. Such wines often lack a distinct character and don't truly capture the essence of their origin.


Careful curation

Rather than stocking hundreds of wines, we've chosen to keep our selection concise. This way, we only offer wines that we genuinely love and personally enjoy.


Value for money

Wine can be pricey in Singapore, and we don't want you to break the bank. We aim to find quality deals for you, priced between $40-$200.



The rise of consumerism and large corporations has given way to mass-produced wines. Our mission? To enlighten our customers about the rich and diverse world of wine. Join us on this journey and deepen your wine knowledge!

What our customers say.

Great wines and quick delivery
Wine collection was impressive - they have some great wines! Quick delivery was a cherry on the cake
  Aryan Kumar
Love their variety and efficient delivery!
I ordered 2 bottles, Italian Valpolicella and French Merlot. Truly unique and amazing price value.
  Myra R
Cool taste!
Every wine I’ve tried here has its own cool taste and makes my evenings fun. Highly recommended!
  Liao Mingyao
Quick ordering!
Ordering was quick, delivery was on time, and the wine was superb. Love the packaging!
  Pornpimon Yimchum
Love it.
Every bottle I get feels special. And they even add some tasting notes. Love it.

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