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Falkenstein Riesling, Trentino-Alto Adige, Italy 2020

Falkenstein Riesling 2020.

Alcohol: 12.5% White from Italy, Trentino-Alto Adige Year: 2020

La Falkenstein crafts a captivating Riesling 2020 that's a true gem. The high-altitude vineyards work magic, bestowing this Riesling with remarkable nuances and a vibrant character. What's intriguing is their use of acacia barrels - a gentle touch that preserves the Riesling's delicate charm without overwhelming it with woodiness.

A succulent peach, a squeeze of zesty lemon, and a hint of crisp green apple. But what makes this wine truly special is its minerality, like a subtle whisper of the mountains. It's a journey of flavors that linger, leaving you with a refreshing, elegant finish. 






James Suckling: 94
$58.00 SGD

About the Producer

La Falkenstein is a charming family-owned wine producer that brings the heart of their tradition to each bottle. What sets them apart is their vineyards' extraordinary location: nestled between 600 and 900 meters above sea level in the northeastern part of Italy. Imagine rows of grapevines kissed by cool mountain breezes and sunlight. This unique altitude creates a special touch in their wines. The air is crisper, and the temperature shifts between day and night, making the grapes grow slowly and develop rich, captivating flavors.


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