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L'Antica Quercia Su Alto, Veneto, Italy 2020

L'Antica Quercia Su Alto.

Alcohol: 11.0% White from Italy, Veneto Year: 2020

A unique and enticing semi-sparkling white wine that stands apart from the crowd. Delight in its straw yellow hue and delicate nose, offering floral and citrus notes, while the gentle bubbles and tangy, dry finish leave a radiant and chiseled impression on your palate. Made with organically farmed grapes, its racy and mineral-driven profile brings forth flavors of ripe pear, apple, and tangy white grapefruit, further enhancing the wine's finesse and distinctiveness. 




$49.00 SGD
About Producer Nerdy stuff Serving

An artisanal wine producer that embraces the beauty of small-scale craftsmanship. Nestled amidst picturesque vineyards, they passionately cultivate their grapes, tending to every vine with meticulous care. Their philosophy revolves around honoring the land and its natural rhythms, practicing organic and sustainable viticulture. With a focus on quality over quantity, L'Antica Quercia creates wines that tell the story of their terroir, bursting with flavors that evoke the essence of the Italian countryside.


Manual harvesting in crates, destemming and pressing of the grapes, indigenous foot inoculation and fresh fermentation.


Ageing on the yeasts over the winter and bottling on the fourth new moon of the year following the harvest. Further ageing for at least four months at 2000 metres at the foot of Mount Civetta in the heart of the Dolomites.



Residual Sugar

0.0 g/L

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