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Mirafiore Lazzarito Barolo, Piedmont, Italy 2017

Mirafiore Lazzarito Barolo.

Alcohol: 14.0% Red from Italy, Piedmont Year: 2017

This bottle comes from the most prestigious Mirafiore's estate in Serralunga d’Alba village.  This bottle represents the Lazzarito vineyard's renowned legacy of crafting Barolos with remarkable structure and depth, known for their aging potential. This particular bottle is offering a rich bouquet of aromas that include ripe plums, tobacco, and mint, harmoniously intertwined with hints of rosemary, cinnamon, and dried mushrooms. Each element contributes to a complex and refined profile, embodying the distinctive characteristics of its prestigious origin.






James Suckling: 92 Wine Spectator: 93
$165.00 SGD
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Established in 1878 by the Royal Family of Italy, Mirafiore Winery, the estate that earned Barolo its name "The King of Wines, the Wine of Kings," is situated in the municipality of Serralunga d'Alba. Spanning a medium-sized area of 25 hectares, the estate is dedicated to sustainable farming, a commitment that led to its certification as an organic grower in 2018. Embracing a strictly traditional winemaking approach, the winemaker employs submerged cap maceration to attain the wine's signature color and robust tannic structure.


The de-stemmed, crushed grapes are heated up to around 32-33°C, and the process of pumping the juice over the cap of skins begins immediately. This takes place very frequently over the first 3 days in order to extract an optimal amount of colour and tannins. As the alcohol content increases, the extraction of too many tannins is prevented by dropping the temperature to around 25°C, and reducing the volume of liquid pumped over the skins. During this maceration lasting 20-30 days, delastages are performed to improve the extraction of the tannins, and at the same time to oxygenate the yeast so it will ferment in ideal conditions to provide cleaner, more elegant aromas. The alcoholic fermentation is followed immediately by the malolactic fermentation, which is encouraged by keeping the wine in heat-conditioned tanks at a temperature of around 20° C.


Ageing begins in barrels (2,000 – 14,000 litres). After the second year, the wine stays in the bottle for a further period before consuming. This further refines the tannins without increasing the wine’s woodiness, achieving the right balance between the aromas of the grapes and the wood.



Serving temperature



1-2 hours or several hours in an open bottle

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