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Paco Garcia Tempranillo Blanco, Rioja, Spain 2021

Paco Garcia Tempranillo Blanco.

Alcohol: 13.5% White from Spain, Rioja Year: 2021

A vibrant wine that dances on your taste buds. This unique white wine, crafted by the esteemed García family, is a delightful twist on tradition. Fresh aromas of citrus and green apples greeting you with every sip. The flavors are a lively medley of zesty lemon, crisp pear, and a touch of tropical fruit, creating a symphony of refreshment. With a balanced acidity that adds a playful kick, this wine is perfect for those who seek a new and exciting white wine experience.


Tempranillo Blanco


$48.00 SGD

About the Producer

Paco García, a cherished family-owned winery, invites you to a world where wine traditions meet the spirit of today. Nestled in Spain's Rioja region, they craft wines with heart and heritage. What makes them extra special? They're all about you – the new generation of wine lovers.


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